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About G-Wave Solutions

G-Wave designs and manufactures wireless signal enhancement systems such as Bi-Directional Amplifiers and Tower Mounted Amplifiers for outdoor/indoor, Public Safety/LMR systems for private, Government and Military applications. Their team is experienced in a wide-range of RF designs and implementations, at both the component and system levels, thereby enabling the unique insight of providing a comprehensive solution utilizing a multitude of technology to achieve a cost-effective, high-performance solution. With products and solutions that range from VHF to 2.7 GHz, G-Wave has the capacity to design a solution that is specific to your network requirements.

Be Prepared for Future Service Upgrades

Public Safety frequency bands are an ever-changing variable. Now that the dust has settled after 800 MHz re-banding, some territories are now deploying 700 MHz for Public Safety, to work in conjunction with 800 MHz. You know it's coming you just don't know when.

How can one choose the most cost effective coverage enhancing solution with unknown variables in the mix?

Offer G-Wave's Re-Bandable BDA to provide 800 MHz coverage until 700 MHz is deployed; then, with the flick of a switch, the unit becomes a dual band system.

Power Options:
  • +20 dBm
  • +25 dBm
  • +27 dBm
  • +30 dBm
  • +33 dBm
  • +37 dBm
Enclosure Options:
  • 19" Rack Enclosure
  • IP-64 Rated NEMA
  • Standard dual band available in an
    IP-65 Rated NFPA
    Approved "C" Enclosure
Other Available Options:
  • S1 Battery Backup Connector
  • ODSC - Oscillation Detect and Shutdown of Amplifiers
  • Remote Monitoring via Dry Contact
  • ACSP - AC Surge Protection and DC Line Conditioning
  • LGHT - Lighting Protection on UL and DL Ports