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About Kenwood Telecom

A family company founded and incorporated as a Veteran Business Enterprise in 1980, Kenwood Telecom began its evolution as a very successful and clever manufacturer of central office telephony cutover devices and connectivity. We had many relationships throughout the Bell System as well as other operating companies during the mid-80's, but it was through our connections with Southern Bell that we were introduced to a small division called BellSouth Mobility. Soon after, we began offering products and services to companies within tiny but growing cellular/wireless industry who were dedicated to increasing wireless communications throughout the US. We quickly learned that wireless infrastructure manufacturing was to be our core focus and passion. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to our customers and the wireless tower site industry. We strive every day to provide the most personal, efficient and knowledgeable service, the strongest and safest designs, and stock the most widely used wireless tower site infrastructure components and accessories — ready for shipping, delivery or pickup.

Our management team, led by our founder, is ready to use their decades of practical experience to support you and your critical projects — big, small, local or nationwide, supporting your efforts is our mission.


Kenwood is committed to producing the highest quality and most reliable components in the industry. Our multiple production facilities help us help you in many ways. Among them, state of the art quality control, an uninterrupted manufacturing flow when needed to help us support your most demanding projects, and the ability to expedite your unexpected needs.


Our industry is changing rapidly. Existing sites need more equipment. Antennas are moving lower and closer to us and sometimes present unique location or equipment density challenges. Our engineering and product development team is ready and anxious to help you when you need mount modifications and reinforcements, customized mounting solutions, or structural analysis and verification of mount loads.

Products & Specs
T3424KT14-3 Ice Bridge Kit
T1850KT RRU Swivel Mount
Z0058KT2 Universal RRU Mount
T1671KT12 Sector Frame, Heavy 10 Class
T1516KT-996-MH Snub-Nose Platform
T1701KT6-6S H-Frame, Six Levels

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